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Mappa dell'hotel

Mappa dell'hotel
Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu (Blue Horizon International Hotel Berun Wulanchabu), Si trova a Jining New District of Ulanqab City, di fronte al nuovo sito del governo municipale, sul lato sud della piazza del governo municipale, confinante a Bawang a est e a Chahar East Street a nord, con uno scenario bellissimo. Dall'alto, si può avere una vista panoramica della città di Ulanqab, a cinque minuti di auto dalla città di Victoria Moore e da Wanda Square;Si tratta di dieci minuti, 15 minuti e 25 minuti di macchina da stazione ferroviaria ad alta velocità, stazione ferroviaria e aeroporto rispettivamente. Il traffico è conveniente, elegante e tranquillo!
L'hotel è sviluppato e costruito dal gruppo Boyuan e gestito da Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group. Si tratta di un hotel completo che comprende ristorazione, alloggio, conferenze e sport.L'hotel dispone di 260 camere di 9 tipi, che sono divise in business piano e piano amministrativo. Non c'è alcuna interferenza tra gli ospiti, fornendo un ambiente tranquillo e confortevole per gli ospiti.
L'hotel dispone di un salone esecutivo gratuito che integra business, conferenze e tempo libero per gli ospiti di piani esecutivi e suite.
L'hotel dispone di quattro zone pranzo con stili diversi, tra cui yugefang sala banchetti e sala punto zero, zhongdinglou sala banchetti, cinese e Western Blue Diamond International Food Buffet Baihui ristorante.Può ospitare più di 650 persone da mangiare allo stesso tempo, in modo da poter gustare piatti cinesi e occidentali, e soddisfare le vostre diverse esigenze di gusto.L'hotel dispone di una sala multi-funzione per il banchetto nuziale e di una serie di sale riunioni piccole e medie per più di 15600 persone;La zona ricreativa al primo piano è dotata di piscina, palestra e altre strutture di intrattenimento.
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Hotel FAQs
  • Che orari di check-in e check-out sono previsti presso Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu?

    Il check-in è dalle 10:00 e il check-out è fino alle 14:00 presso Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu.

  • Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu dispone di una piscina e palestra?

    Sì, l'hotel dispone di piscina e palestra. Si prega di consultare la pagina dei dettagli per ulteriori servizi.

  • Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu dispone di un ristorante in loco?

    Sì, puoi mangiare in hotel.

  • Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu dispone di banda larga o Wifi?

    Sì, si prega di contattare la reception dell'hotel per i dettagli.

  • Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu accetta il pagamento anticipato?

    Accetta, invia il tuo ordine prima di contattarci.

  • Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu accetta carte di credito?

    No, l'hotel non accetta carte di credito.

  • Quanto costa la colazione dell'Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu?

    La colazione è di CNY38 / persona.

  • Quanto costa soggiornare presso Luxury Blue Horizon Hotel Berun wulanchabu?

    I prezzi partono da CNY372, a seconda del tipo di camera e della data.

Recensioni Ancora
  • e01260501
    The sanitary environment of the hotel is very good
  • peter11ee
    The check-in position of the self driving tour is a little off the side. The hotel is very good and cost-effective
  • sunser
    It's quite good! good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • miniguanren
    Very good
  • fulgence
    Friends, come on! In addition to the long journey, the hotel has a good environment and considerate service. Come on!
  • Duval
    Everything is very good. There is no five-star facility and five-star service in the first tier cities.
  • sunrise5233
    And a nice hotel with a swimming pool and a good breakfast
  • jsyxmmg
    It is very suitable for business travel, tourism and other accommodation. It is the first choice to go to Ulanqab.
  • annieluyi
    In the new town, the surrounding is cold and the hardware is good
  • lulu09130
    excellent! The children don't want to go. The bed is very comfortable. Pillows, quilts and mattresses are very comfortable. They are all high-end products. The quality of disposable toothbrushes is quite good. I'm not willing to throw them away. I take them all home for normal use.
  • jianmei
    Value for money, but you have to have your own car to live!
  • liner020907
    The location of the hotel is rather biased, and other aspects are pretty good.
  • cicigong
    pretty good.
  • simen_li
    The hotel is in Jining new area, a little far from the city. The room is well equipped, clean, tidy and hygienic. The attitude of the service staff is particularly good. The room is centrally air-conditioned with a small refrigerator and microwave oven. The WiFi signal is very strong and the Internet speed is very fast. You can order a meal. The waiter will send it to the room. You can also eat self-help on the first floor. It has a complete variety and is very good. All in all, recommend!
  • e00313246
    Software and hardware are up to 5-star standard, very good. May day self driving tour is the most satisfactory one among the five hotels.
  • calvinyun
    Yes, it's not convenient to eat around. Everything else is OK
  • abuddy
    The room facilities are OK, the service attitude is good, and the restaurant has rich and delicious food.
    The room is spacious and clean with good hardware facilities; The service was also good, and the room also improved the quality of fruit for the guests; Toilet toilet toilet paper actually uses the brand of 'Shujie'. For the first time, I met someone who attached so much importance to the brand of toilet paper; There are many kinds of breakfast, good taste! 298 yuan to stay in such a hotel, feel very worthwhile!
  • luluyixuan
    The hotel service is very, very good. The staff everywhere show their sincerity to the guests and behave properly.
  • llllll3375566
    The hotel is very new, the service is good, and the location is biased. It is suitable for self driving
  • liangjinbest
    Jining is the best hotel. Every time I stay here, it's just too late. It's inconvenient to have no car.
  • bluewind850
    The room is very large, newly decorated and has a strong flavor.
  • joyjay1981
    The hotel is relatively new, the service is also good, and the breakfast is a little simple!
  • Mao GG
    The environment is very good, very clean and very quiet. Even now, it's a little cold and there's no hot wind. A little sorry. But I will go later.
  • Eleven
    The service and environment of the hotel are very good. I like it!
  • avissum
    Very good
  • david36051
    The hotel facilities are new, quasi four-star, and the service is very friendly. I caught a cold when I came here. There was no shopping around. I asked the waiter for cold medicine. At first, I said no, but I didn't expect to send it to the restaurant later. It's good!
  • laura_suxiu
    It's basically OK. The room is a little small
  • always0112
    It feels good to check in many times, and the breakfast is also very good
  • sunrise0128
    The hotel is very quiet, the surrounding environment is also beautiful, and the breakfast is very rich. Good service. I forgot my clothes. I called the front desk and promised to send them home right away. Thank you very much.
  • aily98
    The conditions are quite good, but the location is really poor. I can't get a car basically. Choose carefully!!!!
  • cui0391li
    The hotel is very new and far from the urban area. There are no shopping malls and restaurants around. The restaurant of the hotel is affordable and good!
  • Brucejan
    The room is too dry! It's hard to sleep at night. Average service, forced to charge 30 yuan for cleaning! Because there are few tourists, I feel that everything has to be charged! It's too far from the city! The traffic is inconvenient.
  • cafelang
    The environment is clean and tidy. It's a good feeling
  • Flory
    The hardware facilities are in place, the service is very good, the breakfast is rich and cost-effective
  • sonic_321099
    isolated breakfast is good
  • paboo199148
    What a surprise! Both hardware and service can be described as impeccable. What moved us most was that the waiters washed all the clothes my friend put in the room and wrote a note. Let my friend moved!
  • TINA wave
  • littleboling
    The hotel is tall, with swimming pool and gym. And it's not far from the park.
  • e03277190
    We have visited many places and stayed in many hotels, and we are most impressed by this hotel. My first impression was that the management of the hotel was in place, the facilities were complete, the surrounding environment was wonderful, and the breakfast in the cafeteria was very rich. The only fly in the ointment is that in addition to air conditioning, there is no ventilation window in the room. It's all closed glass. The climate in Ulanqab is very cool. Sometimes it doesn't need air conditioning. If you want to breathe fresh air, you have to go downstairs. This may be a design problem. But the flaws do not hide the jade. I hope the hotel will become better and better. We will stay here again.
  • clean
    The hotel hardware facilities and services are very good, especially the free dinner is very rich! Value for money!
  • Autosir
    It's very good. It's too cost-effective. It's definitely a quasi five-star. And the breakfast is very rich
  • yaowd
    very good
  • juan444
  • e00189954
    The hotel is relatively new. The breakfast is very rich. The evening buffet is 98 yuan per person, which is still recommended
  • e03019555
    First of all, the environment is very comfortable, which is what I want, and the service attitude is very good. Seeing that I am pregnant, the restaurant waiter also took a cushion, which is very considerate. Moreover, the guest room environment is also good, hygienic and comfortable, and the supporting facilities are complete. It only costs about 15 yuan to take a taxi from the railway station to the hotel, but due to the distance, if you hurry the next morning, you will encounter the problem of not getting a taxi. It's good to take a taxi at noon and afternoon. Next time I will live again, I will pay attention to the service and environment.
  • alxlow
    The hotel facilities and service are very good. It's a new hotel. But it's a little far from the city, so it's very convenient to drive by yourself.
  • e03103249
    It's a very good hotel. Apart from the slight deviation around, it can't pick out any defects. It's suitable for self driving
  • lilivivi1985
    not bad
  • alfred0307
    Very good hotel clean service, comfortable bed location, rich breakfast and high cost performance
  • lixing090
    Cost performance is quite high
  • yanye320
  • Vivian1987913
    It should be the best hotel in Ulanqab. The management of Shandong Blue Ocean Group is quite good, the service is very good, the room sanitation is also very good, and the family is very happy. Next to the hotel is Bawanghe. You can take a walk after dinner. The dining environment is also very good. There are many kinds of buffet, and the price is not expensive. Next time I come to Jining, I will stay in this hotel.
  • nico_s
    Very good. The service and breakfast were very good. The only drawback is that it's a little biased
  • m01002054
    The hotel is quite luxurious and all kinds of facilities are good, but the room tastes a little newly decorated. The location is rather off side. I don't have anything to go out!
  • bigbaob88
  • meidie
    The hotel has perfect facilities, clean and sanitary, and all staff are polite, enthusiastic, serious and responsible. Very good hotel. love it.
  • goeswell
    Blue Ocean International Hotel, Boyuan, Ulanqab, is great. The supporting facilities of software and hardware are in place. Great!!!
  • amber0728
    Very good hotel, very cost-effective. recommend!
  • cg8845
    It's good. The hotel is really good
  • dreaming906
    It's a nice room, but it's a little far from downtown
  • anitaliu
    Check in for many times, and the quality remains the same. It's inconvenient to have no car
  • S6847515E
    Maybe I'm lucky. There's a problem with the hot water system and I can't take a bath.
  • niretr
    Very good, the service was of a very high standard, and the room sanitation was also very good
  • maxcmonster
    The hotel is very good, the location is a little remote, and the service is excellent
  • amy214320002000
    just so so
  • aifuti
    The conditions are good, but we need to drive downtown for dinner
  • ilotus
    The hotel is good, especially breakfast
  • a179064463
    very good
  • ccriwp
    Very good hotel. My parents are also very satisfied with this room.
  • js520
    OK, very good, ha ha ha ha, OK
  • e00230389
    The service was pretty good, everything else was quite close
  • feiyuedeng
    Swimming and fitness are only until 21 o'clock
  • alan_0308
    It feels good to stay for two nights in a row, so I decided to stay for another night. The surrounding Huitengxile grassland is very close, and the transportation is very convenient, but the smell of sewer in the room is still very strong. I hope it can be solved as soon as possible.
  • tom_jiatongbo
    It's very good. The environment is good and the service is considerate. I'll come again in the future
  • dn840306
    It's cost-effective. The breakfast is great. The room is quiet, the service is enthusiastic, and the parking is convenient. It's just that there are always people smoking in the corridor, and the windows of some rooms leak. They are located in the new urban area, and there are no meals or shopping around.